Win OSRS Gold with The Restless Ghost

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A ghost haunts Lumbridge Cemetery, and it’s up to you to investigate what’s going on.

If you have little time to take a break from your hunt for OSRS gold and glory, then the Restless Ghost quest is an adventure that won’t take too long. A ghost has taken up residence in Lumbridge Cemetery, and the priest at Saradomin Church wants you to find a solution to eradicate it.

There is no real prerequisite for this quest, other than being able to kill or escape a skeleton at combat level 13. However, it is recommended that you take some teleports from Lumbridge, as well as a Passing Necklace if you are. member. . So you won’t need to resort to looking for someone who is OSRS Gold Sale to collect a whole bunch of OSRS items for this quest. Many players are looking into purchasing OSRS Gold to help fund some quest requirements, but since this is such a short OSRS Quest, it really isn’t necessary.

Start the Quest for the Restless Ghost


To start the Restless Ghost quest, go to Lumbridge Chapel and talk to Father Aereck. He will inform you that there is a ghost that haunts Lumbridge Cemetery and wants you to help him get rid of it. You will be asked to speak with Father Urhney, who is in a house west of Lumbridge Swamp.

Father Urhney

Head south from the castle until you reach the swamps, then head west. You’ll find a house nearby, so go inside and talk to Father Urhney. You will receive a Ghostspeak Amulet, which you can use to talk to the ghost in question, although this is also a handy OSRS item to generally have for other Old School Runescape quests. Head back to Lumbridge and go to the graveyard, where you’ll find a small house nearby, with a marble coffin inside that you need to go to.

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Confront the ghost

Make sure your Ghostspeak Amulet is equipped before inspecting the coffin. A ghost will appear, so talk to him. He will reveal that his skull is missing and ask you to retrieve it, which can be found near the Wizard Tower south of Draynor Village. Head there and go down the ladder you find near the entrance. You will find an altar, so look for it to find the ghost’s skull, even if you will be attacked by a skeleton. You can either kill him or run away, so whatever you choose, then return to Lumbridge Graveyard.

Talk to the ghost again and he will ask you to put the skull in the coffin, so use the skull on it to give the ghost rest. His spirit will disappear into the river, completing your adventure.

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There aren’t many rewards for completing this Restless Ghost quest, given its short duration. You will, however, receive a quest point and 1,125 prayer experience. You’ll also get the Ghostspeak Amulet to keep, which can be useful in quests like Creature of Fenkenstrain and other Old School Runescape quests.

As you can see, there isn’t much time to spend on this OSRS quest. You certainly won’t have to buy OSRS Gold to get all the required OSRS items, and that shouldn’t distract you too much. Plus, you get a handy OSRS item for future OSRS quests.

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