Where to buy RuneScape Gold and OSRS Gold?

It is extremely important to be economically good in any game. For this reason, we would like to share with you some important methods which will allow you to enrich yourself in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) in this content. You’ve probably heard of RuneScape, which has thrilled a whole generation. But some players prefer Old School RuneScape just to go back to their childhood.

In Old School RuneScape RuneScape gold you can make money in real life. Available on many platforms where OSRS players are buy OSRS gold Thanks to you, you can convert your gambling money into real money. Well you worked so hard it would be wrong not to get paid.

While this bug, which appeared in the last update, was experienced in PvP loot, it was possible to obtain all of the gold (just over 2 billion) by killing and looting another player. Even the videos taken while using the bug were posted on the internet and the incident was revealed.

To remove this bug that ruined the economy of the Old School Runescape game, Jagex decided to roll back, which means it rolled back the servers to the previous version and restored the data saved with the last patch.

In Old School Runescape, the servers are now back up and running as before. But it made history because the company made a complete turn back in the history of the game for the first time. While some players had to give up their progression, there was no other way to destroy the billions of gold that suddenly entered the game.

So what do you need to do to become a rich player in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? Let’s give some tips to get rich in Old School RuneScape:

Compare the gold you will earn with the time you spend

Before you start making money on Old School RuneScape, focus on choosing the fastest method. So you will be able to earn much more gold in less time.

For example, when you cut the yew, you can earn an average of 50,000 OSRS Gold per hour. However, 30,000 XP are in your pocket. On the other hand, in another example, while Lava products can earn 91,000 OSRS Gold per hour at level 200, Nature runes can earn you 400 to 500,000 OSRS Gold at the same level.

Open a second account

If you are playing the game for free, purchasing a membership and getting Bond for your second account will make you rich in no time. If you go to Wine of Zamorak, you can earn 200-300,000 OSRS Gold per hour here. With a simple account, you can afford the money you give Bond in just 10 hours.


It may take between 99 and 120 hours for your Strength to reach level 130. Therefore, 4 hours of doing nothing per day for 1 month can prevent you from reaching this level. Therefore, do something constantly while you are in the game. So start earning more OSRS Gold ASAP.

focus on one thing

When playing Old School RuneScape, try to focus on just one thing. When you’re done with one job, move on to another. The level 91 rune-making skill can net you 1 million OSRS Gold in an hour. So focus on one talent and multiply your earnings.

Follow the updates

Be sure to constantly keep up to date with the game. Stay on top of future innovations, no matter what your source. So, if you are developed enough, your main items can turn into a fortune.

For example, when the Revenant update arrived, the Arrow Craw was worth 350 million OSRS Gold. As a result, anyone who was strong enough to kill the Witnesses at that time suddenly got rich.

Head hunter

The Jagex Company has announced its intention to abolish the Bounty Hunter worlds in Old School RuneScape. The developer said that the design of the minigame was to “abuse its mechanics to generate GP out of legally obtained amounts.” While there are no critical issues in the minigame, Jagex felt that the bounty hunt “was damaging the other content of the game and the overall integrity of the game.”

In the new update of Runescape, it will be possible to make a “safe flight” and open the suitcases around. As the “safecracking” feature is introduced with the patch, you will be able to open cases using certain tools and make the Thieves Guild of Gielinor proud!

Open the crates!

The new training method called Safecracking will be unlocked after completing the associated Buyers and Wineries task. Crates you open or unlock will grant you experience points for the Thieves Guild in Runescape. You will also earn reward points and cash. You will be able to spend these points when purchasing various items. For example, there will be consumable items among them.

Of course, you’ll also need the right toolkit to open a case. This is why Master Locks and Master Stethoscopes have been added to the game in the new update. Both items are unbreakable and are purchased with reward points.

While the Safecracking skill is considered part of the Thief Tree, Gielinor has 49 different crates in total. Therefore, you will be able to gather your whole team and start looking for them.

At the same time, with the update, various arrangements are coming to Runescape, while the game user interface has been changed, the clan settings interface has also been improved. Let’s see if gamers will like this new update to Runescape.

This does not actually coincide with the exact opening date of the game. It coincides with February 27, 2002. This was the date the membership system was released for Runescape. So about a year after the game was released. The game was first released on January 4, 2001.

In this process; In The Restless Ghost, 14.5 million ghosts were put to rest, 5.5 million Elvargs were killed in Dragon Slayer, a total of 18.7 billion levels were leveled, 260.8 trillion points experience have been gained. In the company office, papers with statistics like these were placed in a large bowl, along with candy.

World of Warcraft had a similar celebration recently. World of Warcraft celebrated its 5,000th day. World of Warcraft is still playable, but Classic RuneScape will be closed soon. However, there are different variations of RuneScape for those who want to play.

The continued success of RuneScape shows that there is still a long way to go before older MMORPG games. Games such as RuneScape, World of Warcraft, and EverQuest are extremely popular even if they are between the ages of 14 and 18. RuneScape in particular has reached the top in this area and is now celebrating its 18th birthday.

Here are some details about the game that may interest you:

  • Old School RuneScape has been downloaded over 5 million times on iOS and Android since its release.
  • RuneScape hit its 2008 record for most paid subscriptions at the end of this year.
  • RuneScape’s total revenue to date has exceeded $ 1 billion.
  • This is the first time with such a level of participation in the annual RuneFest actor organization.
  • Over 100 new employees joined the Jagex team.

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