OSRS Easter Event: How to Find and Complete the Runescape Easter Quest

The OSRS 2020 Easter event has landed in Gielinor and, as always with the seasonal events, there are limited edition items up for grabs. However, to start the Old School Runescape Easter event, you need to know where to go and then how to complete the quest to earn the rewards. Unfortunately, there are no quest points to earn, but you can get a plethora of Easter-themed gear. Here’s how to start and end the OSRS Easter event this year.

OSRS Easter Event Venue

OSRS 2020 Easter Event Location

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First of all, where to go to start the Easter event. If you haven’t seen the many town criers shouting about a “healing event” taking place in East Falador, let yourself be guided. Go to Falador (the town of the White Knight west of Varrock and north of Port Sarim) then go to the northeast corner inside the city walls, near the village hall.

This is where you’ll find The Disappointing Gelt, surrounded by a small army of rabbits. He stood near the fountain; talk to him and he will explain to you how his magical misfortune created a portal to another realm. The kingdom of rabbits.

OSRS Easter Event Walkthrough

OSRS Easter Event 2020 Duke Rabaccio

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Now that you are in the realm of the rabbits, you will notice that it looks strangely familiar. This area is a scaled-down version of Lumbridge Castle and surrounding buildings, aptly called Bunbridge thanks to all the rabbits jumping around. Talk to the guard near the portal and he will tell you to go talk to Duke Rabbacio.

Duke Rabaccio is in the same room as the Duke at Lumbridge Castle; go up a flight of stairs and into one of the bedrooms. You learn that he worships a magical egg, just like all the other rabbits, which has caused this chaos. Go to the adjacent room and talk to Paws who will give you a plan to fix this mess and replace the Duke’s Egg with a scythe.

OSRS Easter Event Conch Shell, Broken Egg, Paint Bucket Locations

OSRS Easter Event 2020

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The first is the conch shell. Leave Bunbridge Castle and head to the southwest of the island where you will find a few on the beach.

Now you need to get a broken shell, which you can find on the other side of the island. Cross the bridge, go through the portal and you will find the broken eggshell at the back of the chicken farm.

Finally, you need the paint. Go up to the top floor of Bunbridge Castle and the paint buckets are behind where the bank usually is. Use the conch shell with the broken egg, then dip it into the paint bucket to create the magical fake egg.

Go back down and talk to Pattes, then talk to the duke. He will eventually believe his egg is the fake and remove yours from you, completing the quest. You can now leave Bunbridge to get the main rewards, or you can complete two more mini-quests to get additional Easter-themed goodies.

OSRS Easter Event 2020: The Rabbit’s Helper

OSRS Easter Event 2020

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Go down to Bunbridge Castle and talk to the Rabbit Chef in the kitchen. He needs you to find three ingredients to make him a cake. One of those ingredients … is a cake. Nonetheless, here’s where you can find them:

The cake can be found in the northwest corner of the island, on the same side of the river as Bunbridge Castle.

You will find the carrot on a table in the house to the south-east of the castle.

Then you can get a cabbage in the cabbage patch in front of the chickens across the river.

When you have found all three ingredients, return to Rabbit Chef and he will reward you with five Easter eggs.

OSRS Easter Event 2020: The Restless Goat

OSRS Easter Event 2020

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For the other mini-quest, enter the church through the building with the carrots. Talk to Father Buckerek and ask for a quest. He will tell you about a goat ghost that haunts the cemetery.

Enter the crypt to the south of the church and inspect the tomb, then take a closer look at the tomb when it indicates the ground appears disturbed. Viktor the Restless Goat will appear and you will learn how he must find his missing horn before he can move on to the next life.

Exit the crypt, cross the bridge and head to the beach in the southeast corner of the island. This is where you will find the broken goat horn.

Pick it up and bring it back to Viktor for five more Easter Eggs.

When you leave Bunbridge and talk to The Disappointing Gelt again, he will reward you with the Magic Egg Ball, a Carrot Sword, and two more Easter Eggs. If you then come back into Bunbridge and go up to Bunbridge Castle to the paint buckets, you can use the carrot sword on the paint buckets to receive a “24 karat” sword. Clever.

Note that if you missed any previous OSRS Easter events, you will also receive the rewards for those when you speak to The Disappointing Gelt after completing the quest, so you can get a fair amount of loot if you are old school. Runescape newbie!

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