Celebrate spring

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[] Acrylic paints *: Moroccan Red, White, Mello Yellow.

[] All-purpose sealer *.

[] Satin varnish *.

Spring Hat

[] Wooden plaque, 8″ diameter.


[] Papier-mache box lid, 4″ diameter.

[] Acrylic paints *: Hunter Green, Yellow, Spice Brown, Empire Gold.

[] Paintbrushes: round, #3, #5; flat, #12; liner, #0.

[] White sheer ribbon, 1/4″ wide, 24″ length.

[] Gold wire, 20-gauge, 30″ length.

[] Craft glue *.

[] Drill with 1/8″ bit.

Happy Birthday Cake

[] Wooden clock, 7″ diameter.

[] Acrylic paints *: Denim Blue, Spring Green.

[] Texture medium *.

[] Wood filler.

[] Cardstock, 8 1/2″x11″.

[] Gold wire, 20-gauge, 12″ length.

[] Plastic food-storage bags, three.


Spring Hat

Drill holes on each side as shown. Apply sealer to plaque; sand lightly. Glue box lid to plaque as shown, slightly below center. Basecoat plaque and box lid Golden Brown. Cut out pattern; transfer hat details. Shade around center of hat (box lid) with Spice Brown.

Float Spice Brown shading around plaque, keeping color to inside, and on lower side of lid. Paint highlights opposite shading areas with floats of Empire Gold.

Mix equal parts Hunter Green and White to make It. green; use liner to paint vines. For leaves, use same mixture. Set #3 round brush down at leaf base and lift up to form tip.

For flowers, mix Moroccan Red and White to make med. pink. Paint petals with #5 round. Dot centers White with a smaller Mello Yellow dot on top. Paint leaves in same way as before, using #5 and mix of Hunter Green and a touch of Moroccan Red. Use tip of liner to paint three-dot clusters Yellow.

Apply varnish to hat. Tie ribbon around center of hat. Thread wire through holes and curl ends as desired. Hang hat from peg.

Happy Birthday Cake

For “cake,” fill hole at center of clock face with wood filler; sand lightly. Drill holes at top as shown. Apply sealer to clock; sand lightly. Basecoat clock Mello Yellow. Dry brush edges White.

Cut out patterns. Transfer lettering to cake and balloons to cardstock. Use liner to paint lettering Denim Blue. For stencil, use craft knife to cut out balloons only from cardstock. Tape stencil to cake.

Mix Denim Blue, Moroccan Red, and Spring Green separately with equal parts texture medium. Use palette knife to carefully fill one balloon with each color, being sure color does not seep under stencil edge. Carefully remove stencil.

Place each remaining mixture into plastic bags; twist tops to close. Squeeze mixture to one corner of bag, cut corner from bag, and paint confetti dots as shown. Use green mixture to squeeze double zigzag border around edge. Use red mixture to squeeze balloon strings. Let dry completely.

Apply varnish to cake top. Thread wile through holes and curl ends as desired. Hang cake from peg.


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