Can people in debt get a loan?

If someone who already has a loan or is in debt with another company, for example, does not pay for a cell phone, can get a loan. There are such possibilities, but each case is always treated individually. A bank or any other lending company can do this by checking our credit options in several ways.

First, it collects information in BIK, ie the Credit Information Bureau. It has been operating since the mid-1990s. There you will find information about current loans and how they are repaid and loans taken out before. How many were there, how much and whether the debt was paid on time.

It is important whether you pay your debt

It is important whether you pay your debt

So if someone already has some credit but repays it without any problems then there is a chance that they will get another one. But in this case a lot depends on the amount of income.

The bank checks not only how much they amount, but also how much money is spent by a family member and by what percentage they will decrease in real terms when it becomes necessary to settle another debt. Or just what is left for so-called life. The lender also has the right to request a monthly statement of family expenses.

A second loan will not be given to someone who does not have a monthly financial supply to pay back all loans. That’s not all. Even if you earn a lot and theoretically you seem to be able to afford another loan, the bank checks the next element.

It is about the source and regularity of receiving income. Whether they come from self-employment, employment contract or other forms of employment. The bank will also analyze the guarantees that they will remain the same for years of debt repayment.

Use non-bank institutions

Use non-bank institutions

Another loan can also be obtained when you already have one using non-bank institutions, which are often more liberal in advising your ability to pay back another loan. They often give them even when you have trouble paying off your current debt or have been so in previous years.

Such institutions often grant loans without checking the customer’s credit history in BIK or do not require income certificates. Instead, they use other safeguards, such as those where the loan is also taken with the creditor by an additional person, without financial trouble.

Thanks to this, loans can also be available to those who no longer only have creditworthiness but a bailiff on their heads. However, no matter how quickly and quickly the holder of a loan needs another, it is better to examine the credibility of the company where you want to take another loan.

You must check the financial conditions it offers. Find out what it is, for example, the real interest rate. You can also read the list of warnings, for example, on the website of the Financial Supervision Authority, where there are companies that raise doubts about their integrity. You can also ask your friends if they used the services of such a company and which they recommend.