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Some people may have known about best softball bats, whereas various other people have no idea about that. It really is quite normal with people. Being on the safer aspect, we must utilize the websites to learn something about the bat. An instant keyword explore Yahoo shall inform you a great deal of things. So, you can Google the merchandise which you wish to know about any of it wholly. If you search about best softball bats , you’ll get unlimited home elevators that. This is the best way you can go with.


However the ideal way to choose the best softball bats is the fact that, you have to check on something about this, which is really as follows,
1. Of all first, you have to really know what kind of the bat should be bought. That’s, there could be a great deal of softball bats can be found on the marketplace to choose from. Among that, you have to choose the one which functions you best. Since, a bat ought to be to the real point and with the capacity of providing good with their experts. You must choose the hottest softball bats of most.
2. Subsequently, you have to consider about the long lastingness of the bat unfailingly. That is, no-one will feel great about creating a perfect bat with low longevity. Since, people need to get the bat which includes both perfection and good toughness in that. When the bat is durable, you can put it to use for quite some time without having to choose the new softball bats once in a while.

3. Finally, cost of the softball bat should be regarded. Getting the perfect also to the point bat would be the dream of people. But also for that, they can not spend something beyond their budget – right? That is why you are asked to reckon the price tag on the bat.

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When you are looking for overall flexibility, features plus a competing price array inside longboards, you might be possibly trying to find Sector 9 Longboards. In the event you never have identified concerning this brand name but, Sector 9 Longboards is probably the good beginner longboards maker inside the US and also has been doing enterprise really more time as compared to nearly all of the opposition. Maybe plenty of skateboarders in the we are already attracted to skateboarding by means of Sector 9 Longboards at the same time.


The popularity of sector none Longboard:

S9 provides immediately or perhaps in a roundabout way invited plenty of rookies in an attempt to enter into the particular skateboarding sports. It really is many interesting to learn in which also those who find themselves will no longer making use of S9 can inform you in which with several section of their particular lives, they’ve got in fact employed S9, specifically in their novice decades. In reality, plenty of good beginner longboards inside U. S. have been born coming from Sector 9 Longboards. Sector 9 Longboards are usually finest regarding newcomers due to the fact it is not specifically created regarding velocity. As a result, there are many areas so that you can understand without being concerned concerning proceeding also speedy. They may be up to now, the most effective exercising boards. That’s exactly why rookies really like S9s.

Why it is good to use:

  • Stableness will be in which S9 is most beneficial identified regarding. Given that there are tons regarding skateboarders that are nonetheless having troubles together with equilibrium, especially when carrying out intricate tips, that is in which S9 longboards can be found in.
  • We need to confess there are a couple of items we all possibly acquired difficulties within the course of our own novice decades: equilibrium and also velocity.
  • Except if you might be just like best beginner longboards prodigies, you could have faults inside these kinds of specific locations although nonetheless start.
  • Studying about more technical and also greater boards could be a lot of to get a novice, not forgetting the particularly improved potential for stepping into incidents.
  • Initially, skateboarding could be very tough and also hazardous yet this is why exactly why you might be studying that due to the fact you might be upwards of your concern.
  • As a result, you will need an excellent assisting board plus an excellent assisting board will likely result from Sector 9 Longboards.
  • Regardless of it really is not enough satisfactory velocity, plenty of specialists nonetheless just like driving together with S9 longboards for the reason that this provider generates a number of the sturdiest longboards, perfect for souvenir and also discretion voyages in the foreseeable future.
  • Possibly many of them are probably not also high and also superior inside models nevertheless they significantly journey inflexible.
  • You’ll desire a longboard deck. The sole business that basically tends to make these kinds of will be filled longboards.
  • Make sure you learn about the particular several types of contract in which filled the best beginner longboards offer you because it can have an effect on the driving knowledge.
  • The past factor to be able to pick is an excellent pair of trucks. You can find diverse units regarding trucks on the market and also the ultimate way to learn those that are very effective to suit your needs is always to test these.
  • Many retailers need to have the particular trucks you’re looking with creating about one more board and may become very happy to enable you to test these out there.
  • If you fail to analyze these, even though, merely make certain you acquire oneself several extensive trucks. They could often be swapped out afterwards.

Above all:

Which is regarding it regarding piecing together the best beginner longboards. You will discover when you proceed through precisely what the ultimate way to bit any skateboard with each other will be to attend any go shopping and appearance at all the parts. Locate elements in which fit an individual along with your driving type, next set almost everything with each other. Avoid being also unhappy issues obtained enough time to get top quality elements.

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Longboard is often a sports activity, which is loved through the teenagers these days. It is now a brand new style within the younger. Still as new people this particular sports activity is most likely responsible for numerous points. For that reason, these days Web comparison will certainly bring in the framework of best longboard brands and they can select for you. This assists obtain the greatest and constant longboard using the skateboarder’s the reason and the amount.

The width:

This generally varies through 7.5 to 8.5″. Each kind of various longboard is not usually the same widths of the longboard. Wider longboard the actions would be the easier this works. Still it really is under the total amount. For that reason, you should think about aspects to get the very best longboard.

Width of two axles:

Axle range may be the range amongst 2 categories of longboard’s wheels. This straightly affects coziness of the skaters when utilizing the longboard. In case, you are higher (having lengthy legs), you ought to select longboards that contain a long axle-base. Axial width and even the longboard converting radius (when continuously pushing up the longboard) tend to be higher and higher, and again, sliding longboard is protected much better.

Sliding table:

Sliding tables tend to be components which skateboarder straight compare to do acrobatics or even speed race. For that reason, this made the decision security and even adhesion of the feet upon the longboard. The standard sliding table that is produced from sheets involving thin wood (typically seven layers) is connected with each other within a flat surface area; therefore, celebrate balance and sturdiness for the longboard throughout making use of it.

The size and also the form of the sliding table impact of different kinds of skate, therefore the thing along the way of selecting longboard, which you ought to select the form with skateboards suitable dimension.

Sliding table shape:

With the help of each kind of longboard, each produce is determined for the goods that have various surface area shapes for the exact purpose of professional skateboarding.

The particular surface shape of the longboard impacts undulation and then converts of the longboard.

  • Flat longboards allow easier to scoop longboard and carry out artwork activities much better.
  • Concave longboards in addition have a stability, guarantee and service to manage a lot more than.

Sliding table and Axle load

Axle is bond component between sliding table and wheel of your longboard. This particular component makes a decision the opportunity to scoop and revolve. The thickness and even loose of axle could be transformed to become able to converting simpler axes through tightening up or even release the knot within the silver ring on the shaft. Looser axle may be the easier scooped longboard as the stronger axle is balanced simpler.

Additionally, this modifies the tightness of axle tube that affects the rotator capability regarding the axle of longboard whenever skateboarder handles the longboard.



Axle height:


It creates longboard, which is able scooped simpler and crisper. Simultaneously, it will help longboard obtain the stability more beneficial. Low axle served with little wheels, therefore the capability flips instead low. At the same time, primary drops lower, that ought to be secure and nicely balanced. This exceptional one fits towards the brand new skateboarder.


It really is ideal for longboards on the highway or even within the recreation area. Because type of height axle can make longboard with good versatility, the majority of the items available on the market will also be exactly the same height.


The kind of longboard having high axle mainly utilized for race or even wriggling, moving, however it much less dedicated to the levels of performance.

Hard gasket:

It will help produce sources much better for any longboard to do the turning actions and also the procedure much more durable compared to.

Axle Gasket:

There is certainly an item of soft rubber that links among part fixed and axle to longboard. Usually, you will see 2-axle gaskets.

Soft gasket:

It really is a minimum of more powerful; however, it facilitates useful for switching longboard simpler. It happens to be tight of the axle via gaskets, which will affect quite of the procedure of the axle.

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An excellent Drill Press will offer you an enormous precision with regard to your drilling job and create you really comfy with regard to your work. The Drill Press Device is actually installation on the stand or even Workbench. You can learn from this drill press reviews that the Drill Press normally has the Line, the desk, the Spindle along with a Drill down press Head. This model is typically run through a good induction electric motor. You can transform the desk vertically and usually relocated with a pinion and also rack.


One of the primary effectiveness of the Ideal Drill Press is “Security.” Variable pace function will offer you ideal control on the drill bit. It can help to make sure you that will not crack throughout utilize.


The Drill Press helps you to complete a job extremely fast as well as Speed is among the most significant problems with regard to employing this Device. Because It’s Depth, and Angel tends to be instantly settled, and for that reason, you do not need to go be worried about concentrating on associated with form dimension.


In case you need to do the drilling, job through hand is the fact that is going to be sufficient energy usually. the Drill Press usually powered through 1 Induction Engines that energy helps you to create simpler as well as demandable, along with a great electric motor may you much less your initiatives.


The top Cause of The Drill Press is actually the “Precision.” The wood-worker requires a Drill Press with regard to drill the holes from the precise angles, depth, as well as widths that the excellent style needs. The excellent desk can help you to your part associated with wooden or even metallic within an excellent form such as because you would like as well as you may drill the holes upon, which part or even alloys within in accordance the precise form as well as size you actually would like. For that reason, it is going to provide you with precision COMPLETELY.


Drill Press is really a real flexible Device, which is in a position to more drilling job. Many devices possess variable velocity which’s may match up to become raised to equipment.

What you should expect within Your Brand new Device:

You can have all of the functions as well as their explanation of every device upon our Drill Press Critical reviews.

Here are a few main factors:

An excellent device, that is created on the fine desk together with a razor-sharp as well as demandable spindle, that makes your drill within based on you, preferred size as well as form.

An extremely amazing desired effective induction electric motor that will provide you energy as well as precision using the guaranteed associated with explosiveness.

You should have to see within the parameter from the “Variable velocity” upon your device, whenever you choose choice. Good variable velocity functions may be much less your initiatives and create your work easier. Must need to look into the Desk from the device along with extremely closely as well as dramatically, in case your desk is not complementing your necessity will certainly encounter an issue.

An excellent Head is among the greatest aspects of a great device booking cautiously from the Head associated with your own choosy devices. Look away when the device offers razor-sharp Laser Process as well as Depth change capacity it will likely be amazing. Warranty as well as money-back provides are extremely essential, ensure that you focus on this method for every device, we possess examined this method really obviously with regard to yours upon our testimonials.

Generally, they possess so much more choice to select an excellent device for purchasing. We now have explained every as well as everything upon our evaluation. Following from the above that, you can make your greatest 1 through our Best Recommendations devices.

Revolutionary Functions, Which make Your Job Simple:

This can be a Techno Era. Every time we are becoming brand new functions or even components along with the majority of forthcoming devices, when you should go with regard to purchase a device maintain your eye open up with regard to discovering a few revolutionary functions, which make your job simpler and create your device extremely attractable as well as practical. Therefore, because Laser Lighting, a lot of aged device does not have any kind of laser lighting, the laser lighting can help you to keep the precision associated with your drilling dimension.

Allow us to assist you perform Investigation:

Prior to moving out and purchasing, take a look at our tips for the very best types available today. This can conserve your time, money and other resources. Observe how the characteristics run and just how you really feel within the device, and obtain a sense how big it will likely be within your house manufacturer too. All of us suggest after that looking upon Amazon online marketplace for your cheapest costs, combined with the guarantee associated with excellent customer support as well as quick, occasionally free delivery. This can make sure you in no way repent any kind of buy you process.


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A laser-based spiral drilling machine makes circular drill holes with far more accuracy than alternative laser cutting methods. Christopher Sell reports
German engineers have developed a laser-based spiral drilling machine that is capable of producing tiny precision circular drill holes far more accurately than alternative laser cutting techniques.

With conventional laser cutting, a large quantity of melt material is produced which has to be blown out under pressure from the laser.

spiralIn contrast, the new technology, known as spiral drilling and developed at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, can operate very precisely to achieve structural geometries of less than 10 micrometres with minimal thermal loading of the components. It is seen therefore as an ideal tool for use in the manufacture of precision microengineered products.

Unlike melt propulsion drilling, with the new technique, a form of vaporisation drilling, the cross-section of a drilled hole depends on the cross-section of the laser beam being used. To compensate for any deviation or inaccuracy from a perfect circle, the laser beam is made to rotate in itself and placed in a circular path over the workpiece.

Project leader Dr Arnold Gillner explained: ‘We move a beam very fast in a circular motion with a special prism-based optic and the laser is focused to spot sizes of 20-30 microns,’ he said.

The beam travels across the component several times, gradually removing the material. The helical drilling method also enables conical drill holes to be produced by tilting the laser beam relative to the workpiece.

The laser beam is rotated by directing it through a revolving image rotator, Gillner explained. This is integrated in a hollow shaft motor that allows the beam to be rotated at a maximum speed of 40,000rpm.

‘The speed may be somewhat slower than conventional laser drilling,’ Gillner said. ‘But, on the other hand, the precision of up to one micron in diameter is much higher.’

This technology has led to interest from a number of industries and is thought to be particularly well suited to the production of injecting nozzles used in diesel engines.

There has also been interest from the medical sector using the system in the manufacture of micro-dosage systems.

In fact, potential applications can be found wherever drill holes of this geometry and precision can only be achieved at substantial expense if the more conventional methods are employed.

Gillner said his group has already sold one machine to an unspecified customer in the tooling industry. Customers in Germany and the US have also shown interest.

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Celebrate spring

Posted By on Aug 5, 2015



[] Acrylic paints *: Moroccan Red, White, Mello Yellow.

[] All-purpose sealer *.

[] Satin varnish *.

Spring Hat

[] Wooden plaque, 8″ diameter.


[] Papier-mache box lid, 4″ diameter.

[] Acrylic paints *: Hunter Green, Yellow, Spice Brown, Empire Gold.

[] Paintbrushes: round, #3, #5; flat, #12; liner, #0.

[] White sheer ribbon, 1/4″ wide, 24″ length.

[] Gold wire, 20-gauge, 30″ length.

[] Craft glue *.

[] Drill with 1/8″ bit.

Happy Birthday Cake

[] Wooden clock, 7″ diameter.

[] Acrylic paints *: Denim Blue, Spring Green.

[] Texture medium *.

[] Wood filler.

[] Cardstock, 8 1/2″x11″.

[] Gold wire, 20-gauge, 12″ length.

[] Plastic food-storage bags, three.


Spring Hat

Drill holes on each side as shown. Apply sealer to plaque; sand lightly. Glue box lid to plaque as shown, slightly below center. Basecoat plaque and box lid Golden Brown. Cut out pattern; transfer hat details. Shade around center of hat (box lid) with Spice Brown.

Float Spice Brown shading around plaque, keeping color to inside, and on lower side of lid. Paint highlights opposite shading areas with floats of Empire Gold.

Mix equal parts Hunter Green and White to make It. green; use liner to paint vines. For leaves, use same mixture. Set #3 round brush down at leaf base and lift up to form tip.

For flowers, mix Moroccan Red and White to make med. pink. Paint petals with #5 round. Dot centers White with a smaller Mello Yellow dot on top. Paint leaves in same way as before, using #5 and mix of Hunter Green and a touch of Moroccan Red. Use tip of liner to paint three-dot clusters Yellow.

Apply varnish to hat. Tie ribbon around center of hat. Thread wire through holes and curl ends as desired. Hang hat from peg.

Happy Birthday Cake

For “cake,” fill hole at center of clock face with wood filler; sand lightly. Drill holes at top as shown. Apply sealer to clock; sand lightly. Basecoat clock Mello Yellow. Dry brush edges White.

Cut out patterns. Transfer lettering to cake and balloons to cardstock. Use liner to paint lettering Denim Blue. For stencil, use craft knife to cut out balloons only from cardstock. Tape stencil to cake.

Mix Denim Blue, Moroccan Red, and Spring Green separately with equal parts texture medium. Use palette knife to carefully fill one balloon with each color, being sure color does not seep under stencil edge. Carefully remove stencil.

Place each remaining mixture into plastic bags; twist tops to close. Squeeze mixture to one corner of bag, cut corner from bag, and paint confetti dots as shown. Use green mixture to squeeze double zigzag border around edge. Use red mixture to squeeze balloon strings. Let dry completely.

Apply varnish to cake top. Thread wile through holes and curl ends as desired. Hang cake from peg.


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Last month, World Mining Equipment focussed on downhole drilling technology. Inevitably, given our operational time and space limitations, it was not possible to cover all the participants in this market. However, this North American report enables us to make up for one omission by including this submission from the Winnipeg, Manitoba based manufacturer Cubex.

During the past 22 years, Cubex Ltd has been actively engaged in the supply and service of in-the-hole (ITH) drilling equipment to the Canadian mining industry. In responding to domestic customer requests for machine modifications and improvements the company began to move into the design, engineering and eventually the manufacturing of underground ITH drills. The history of Cubex has been one of listening to the customer and then responding with a quality product, followed with an aggressive product support programme. Today, knowledge of the Cubex product is spreading around the world.

The current generation of Megamatic drills incorporates field proven electric/hydraulic componentry which improves operational safety of the drill while giving the operator more tools to increase productivity. These new features have provided Cubex’ customers with a further new and productive option, convertability: certain Megamatic models can easily be converted to either ITH or hydraulic tophammer operation. This feature results in a highly productive drill that is both compact and versatile and can effectively drill holes from 64mm to 813mm diameter.

Megamatic drill components have been successfully assembled to perform a wide variety of drilling functions in both surface and underground applications. Some of these are as follows:

* Exploration drilling, using a helicopter-portable Megamatic drill with all wheel drive floatation tyres to drill holes of up to 165mm diameter to depths of 250m.

* Civil construction drilling, utilising a diesel driven track carrier with extendable boom and capable of drilling holes up to 432mm diameter in any direction.

* Raise drilling, using a two hammer reaming device for the drilling of 762mm diameter holes.

* Reverse circulation drilling in both underground and surface applications.

Cubex is presently actively pursuing opportunities in the international market, through select distributors in various mining regions around the world. Cubex engineering and field service personnel will continue to work closely with both the distributors and end-users so that the Megamatic drill continues to evolve as the safest and most efficient solution for drilling long, straight holes.

(Seeing is believing, they say, and WME can report that the Cubex Megamatic was on show during September at the Electra Mining show in South Africa. The drill attracted much attention on the outside display area of Boart International, the Canadian company’s distributor in Southern Africa, and Cubex personnel were on hand to talk about the product. Cubex told WME that a number of Megamatics had been ordered by ZCCM in Zambia, replacing tophammer rigs.)

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When cars were first built, they were raced . . . the two have always gone hand in hand. First there were jalopies, then hot rods, lead sleds, street rods, street machines, “pro” street machines, and now the newest breed of ultra-light street machine, the kit car. They’ve sprung from the same basic thinking that prompted early race car builders: take a production vehicle and put it on such a diet that it goes faster without any more horsepower.

This latest generation of street machine employs a full space frame made from either mild or high-carbon steel, welded together and replacing the original chasis, whether the OEM piece was a unibody or full frame to begin with. By using fiberglass body panels, or a combination of glass and stock panels (often the roof panel is retained to make windshield and backlight mounting easier), it’s possible to take nearly a thousand pounds off most American cars. Combine that with even moderate horsepower, and the performance is absolutely astonishing.


The degree of chassis sophistication for these eye-openers varies according to the budget, or what you intend to do with the car. If your main goal is to build a canyon flyer, you’ll need more torsional rigidity than the guy who wants to hit warp drive between the stoplights. The Mr. Gasket Corvette, shown here for the first time, is a fairly close approximation of a current Trans Am road racer, and it weighs about 2000 pounds with a driver. It flies, and-goes around corners unlike any production car you’ve ever driven.

Kit” chassis involve less tubing, and are available from chassis builders like Jeg’s, Ness, Hardy, Alston, BRE, and Speedway Motors. They’re spin-offs of the Super Gas and Bracket chassis these guys designed for drag racing; but where a drag racer would want to use strut front suspension for minimum weight, the street versions most commonly use conventional, unequal length control arms. The rear suspension can be built several ways, but the most common setup is a four-link system to locate the axle longitudinally, with a track bar for lateral location. Springing for the rear axle can be coil-over shocks, or separate springs and shocks. Coil-overs are simpler and lighter, but slightly more expensive.

Most of the kit chassis builders have designs for any popular body style, and can accommodate special requests for oddball chassis. If you have a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Firebird, or anything related to that type of car, you won’t have to look too hard for a chassis to fill up the body space.



Over a century ago, bridge designers caught on to the fact that by using more than one piece of wood or metal, they could create a structure with far greater load carrying capacity than those materials could manage alone. The first applications were wood, reinforced with either different sizes of lumber, or iron. By running a span, and then another parallel to it (connected by diagonal braces), the bridge loads were distributed along the entire length of the bridge instead of being concentrated at either end. This “triangulation” allowed them to build far lighter bridges, using smaller beams than they had previously needed to build the same length bridge.

These same principles are used in a space frame to get by with thin-walled tubing, and when properly combined, create very light overall weight and high strength. This strength-to-weight ratio is far better than most unibodies. The space frame approach hasn’t been commonly applied in mass produced automobiles until recently, because it typically requires more fabrication skills to assemble–and employs more expensive materials. The Pontiac Fiero is very close to a true space frame, despite its unibody looks. The new Corvette also uses underlying welded panels for strength not available from the body alone.

The reason space frames are becoming more attractive to the car makers in this country is because of the strength-to-weight ratio we just talked about. With the move toward lighter, more fuel efficient cars, there are no other practical solutions.

In space frame design, the principles of triangulation lend needed strength to the chassis assembly. In a proper chassis, each member is placed under either a tension or compression load. These loads may change during operation of the vehicle, depending on the dynamics introduced by cornering, acceleration, and braking. Typically, chassis designed for drag racing don’t have the correct torsional stiffness for severe cornering loads. Road racing chassis, on the other hand, have excellent torsional stiffness in nearly every plane, at a weight sacrifice over the drag chassis.


MR GASKET The car pictured on our cover and in the lead shot of this article was developed by Triad Services, Inc., in Warren, Michigan, for Mr. Gasket. Although production plans aren’t solidly formulated at the time of this writing, they are tentatively scheduled to go into production near the end of summer ’85. The car’s chassis will be sold as a kit, and it utilizes a novel construction technique.

The normal assembly technique for tube frames requires “fish mouthing” the tubing ends to ensure maximum contact for welding. The Gasket approach uses fittings designed as castings to allow the use of tubing cut squarely on the ends. The casting technique used is described in a sidebar.

According to Jim Browning, Mr. Gasket’s vice president of administration, you’ll be able to either purchase kits including pre-bent tubing and the fittings you’ll need, or select from a variety of fittings packaged individually so you can engineer your own structure.

To correctly weld most chassis together, it’s best if you are an experienced welder, equipped with either a MIG, TIG, or gas welding outfit up to the chore. Although gas welding is acceptable, it’s painfully slow compared to MIG (wire) welding. Machines such as Hobart’s smallest MIG setup are available for under a grand, or about what you’d pay to have one of the chassis builders assemble your chassis.

body Chassis

The Mr. Gasket approach is aimed at the less experienced welder, and despite the greater number of welds it requires, the area of the welds is increased, reducing the likelihood of weld failures from overstress. The fittings will be available in mild steel as well as the stainless, shown here.

JEG’S The “Jegster” is the epitome of the kit racer for the street. It utilizes a combination of square and round cross-section tubing, conventional front suspension, a choice of rear suspension, and comes in three stages of assembly: completely unwelded (except for the front crossmember, which is jig-welded to assure alignment of front suspension components); welded frame rails with roll cage unwelded; and completely assembled.

Jeg’s Alston, and BRE all have interior tinwork kits available for most popular cars, although you’ll need to trim them to size prior to installation. In addition to tinwork, you’ll find pedal assemblies, steering columns, fuel cell mounts, battery mounts, Lenco trans mounts, crossmembers, and all the various rear suspension parts you might need, right in their catalog.

ALSTON The Alston program is similar to Jeg’s; these guys are the leaders in the type of cars we’re talking about. The primary difference between the Alston and Jeg’s chassis is in the basic frame rail design. The Jegster has a three-piece lower rail, and Alston uses a mandrel bent monorail construction. Provided your welding is up to snuff, the difference in strength is minimal.

Alston also offers a wide variety of modular frame components, including the usual frame connectors for unibody cars with subframes, ladder bar kits, roll bars and cages, and details like pedal assemblies. Both the Alston and Jeg’s chassis catalogs are interesting and comprehensive overviews of what’s available for this kind of kit car.

DON NESS, DON HARDY, BRE, and all the rest. The list is long, but they all are really involved in giving you the best chassis or parts for your specific application. Ness and Hardy cater to the Pro Stock crowd, as does Willy Rells, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you a hand if you need it. Business is business, after all.


If you’re doing a custom interior, probably the best route to follow would be to utilize one of the pre-fabbed switch panels from Auto Rod Controls or Electric Systems. The main difference is that the ARC panel uses fuses and the ES panel employs circuit breakers. There are also major differences in appearance and construction.

Instruments can be mounted in a custom-built panel, or in some cases can be installed in the stock panel with only minor rework.

Plumbing for you car will include brake lines, cooling system lines, heater lines (if you use a heater), and oil cooler lines. For the flexible lines, Earl’s, Russell’s and Aeroquip are the one-stop places to go. If you want to use conventional hoses instead of AN-style plumbing, you could wrap them with nylon or steel braiding from Specter, or nylon from Mr. Gasket’s new line.

Hard lines for brakes should be stainless or seamless steel line designed for brake systems. It should be bent using the proper tools and flared with the proper angles for the fittings you use. Whenever you run a very long length of hard line, bend some kind of stress relief into it at about the halfway point. This could be either a full loop, or (more commonly) a “U” shaped bend. In either case, the bend should be below the main length of tubing to avoid trapping a bubble in the fluid.


As we mentioned before, the easiest way to build one of these cars is to utilize the roof and door pillar section from a stock vehicle. This way, mounting the glass will be far easier, and if you use the stock dash, you’ll save yourself a heap o’ fabricatin’.

On the other hand, if you’re a purist, several companies make complete bodies in fiberglass. Diversified Glass, for example, will make you an IROC Z body in not only glass, but if you wanted to step up for it, they’d lay it up in Kevlar or carbon fiber. They also make Fiero and Trans Am Firebird bodies, Corvettes, and late-model mid-size GM cars. Although the bodies are intended for drag racing or SCCA’s Trans Am Series, they could be utilized in your kit car build.


Any project of this scope will require a lot of fabrication. There’ll be pattern making, brackets to build, wiring and plumbing to hang, and body mounts to construct. Companies like Jeg’s Alston, Hardy, and Ness have dealt with every fabricator’s worst nightmares enough to be excellent sources for information. As these cars become more common, the kits will get so complete you’ll be able to build them with a minimum of metalworking skills. Until then, if you want one of these rides, and don’t care to build it yourself, they can be built for you by most of the race car builders in the source list.

If you’re a stand-up kinda’ person, and really want to experience car building at its most formidable, look through the classifieds for a used MIG welder, a drill press, and a grinder or two, and start burning the midnight oil. What you’ll wind up with will be an ultra-light screamer . . . a new breed of street machine.


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